New Year’s Reception 2023

New Year’s Reception 2023

On January 29th 2023, we organized our annual New Year’s reception. After our president, Paul Boonen, went through the planning for 2023, the “party committee” took over. A modified version of the game Higher-Lower was enjoyed by everyone. And of course there was time to talk, about how we are going to grow the biggest pumpkins this year for example…. Look further for pictures.

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Pompoenregatta 2022 Kasterlee

(Nederlands) Pompoenregatta 2022

Pumpkin Curling, Pumpkin Games, Pumpkin Carving, Pumpkin Beer, Pumpkin Soup, Pumpkin Scenes, Pumpkin Music and then we also had pumpkin regatta. The Pumpkin Regatta has become an experience day for young and old. And this was also the case on 23 October 2022. On the “Ark Van Noë” we managed to attract a lot of curious people.

In any case, we look back on a successful edition. And the press apparently could not get enough of it either: from a few local stations to a Flemish broadcaster to the press in Spain. 

On to 2023.

Pictures of the individual teams (who attended the Pumpkin race) can be found over here.

Some other pictures can be found below.

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Pompoenenmarkt 2022

Pumpkin Market Kasterlee 16-10-2022

There we were again with about 60 giant pumpkins at the Pumpkin Market in our village Kasterlee. 

Luc Vanheuckelom and Herman Boonen managed to take the top 4 of the ranking:

  1. Luc Vanheuckelom: 1038.5kg
  2. Herman Boonen: 1027kg
  3. Herman Boonen: 940.6kg
  4. Luc Vanheuckelom: 910.8kg

So of course something we celebrated later on that evening. Look further for some pictures. 

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Pompoen weging 2022

GPC Belgian Pumpkin Weigh-off Kasterlee 2022

1046kg: the weight of the Giant Pumpkin of Luc Vanheuckelom. He ended first at the GPC Belgian Pumpkin Weigh-off in Kasterlee, followed by Herman Boonen with 1032,5kg and Jens Segaert: 911,5kg.

Also some squashes attended: Jef Leysen won with a squash of 497,5kg, Johan Aernouts ended 2nd with 371kg and the 3rd place was taken by Luc Vanheuckelom with 339,5kg.

See all results at

Click “see more” to see more pictures.

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GPC Belgian Pumpkin weigh-off 2021

GPC Belgian Pumpkin weigh-off 2021

On Saturday October 2nd 2021 the GPC Belgian Championship Pumpkin weigh-off 2021 was organized in Kasterlee. Although our biggest pumpkin wasn’t there yet, the weigh-off ended with a great top 3 for both the Giant pumpkins and the Squashes.Top 3 Giant pumpkins

  • Luc Vanheuckelom: 922,5kg
  • Mario Vangeel: 808kg
  • Peter Jolie: 756kg

Top 3 Squashes:

  • Jens Segaert: 781kg
  • Herman Boonen: 531,5kg
  • Luc Vanheuckelom: 355kg

Some pictures of the weigh-off:

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A new world record?

A new world record?

A few years ago Mario Vangeel won the Giant Pumpkin European Championship, but this year he seems to attempt to break the world record. Something the press also noticed.

On 28/09/2021 Mario could be seen in the late-night news on VRT, but also newspapers and radio find their way to Kasterlee: