Result weigh-off Duisburg 2010 (Jef Leysen won with 655kg)

Result Squash weigh-off Duisburg 2010

Result weigh-off Kasterlee 2010 (Luc Berrens won with 598kg)


Result weigh-off Duisburg 2011 (Nick Gladines became 2nd with 605,5kg, Herman Boonen became 5th with 494,2kg)

Result Squash weigh-off Duisburg 2011

Resullt weigh-off Kasterlee 2011 (Nick Gladines won with 592kg)


Result weigh-off Duisburg 2012 (Herman Boonen 2nd with 665,5kg, Luc Berrens 3rd with 656kg)

Result Squash weigh-off Duisburg 2012 (Herman Boonen won with 429,2kg)

Result weigh-off Kasterlee 2012 (Herman Boonen 2nd with 656,3kg, Luc Berrens 3rd with 648,5kg)


Result weigh-off Kasterlee 2013 (Jan Biermans won with 668,8kg,  2nd and 3rd place were for Herman Boonen with pumpkins of 624,5kg and 621,4kg)

Ludwigsburg (European weigh-off)


Result weigh-off Kasterlee 2014 (1st and 2nd place for Jonas De Swert from Baal with 800kg and 764,5kg, 3rd place for Luc Vanheuckelom with 733kg followed by Luc Berrens with 732kg)


Result weigh-off Duisburg 2015 (Mathias Willemijns from Deurle won with a pumpkin of 849,5kg, 2nd place for Jan Biermans with 800,5kg)

Results Squash weigh-off Duisburg 2015 (Peter and Jan Boonen werden had the heaviest squash of 507,2kg, followed by Paul Van Laer, Jan Noyens and Herman Boonen)


Results weigh-off Kasterlee 2016 (1st place for Mathias Willemijn with 922,5kg, 2nd place for Luc Berrens with a giant of 810,6kg)


Results weigh-off Essen 2017 (Herman Boonen became 1s With a pumpkin of 914,7kg, Marcel Dierckx 2nd with a pumpkin of 827,5kg, Mario Van Geel ended 3rd with a pumpkin of 774,1kg)

Results Squash weigh-off Essen 2017(Luc Vanheuckelom became 1st with a squash of 625,2kg, Jef Leysen was 2nd with a squash of 604,6kg)