Pompoenenmarkt 2022

Pumpkin Market Kasterlee 16-10-2022

There we were again with about 60 giant pumpkins at the Pumpkin Market in our village Kasterlee. 

Luc Vanheuckelom and Herman Boonen managed to take the top 4 of the ranking:

  1. Luc Vanheuckelom: 1038.5kg
  2. Herman Boonen: 1027kg
  3. Herman Boonen: 940.6kg
  4. Luc Vanheuckelom: 910.8kg

So of course something we celebrated later on that evening. Look further for some pictures. 

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Pompoen weging 2022

GPC Belgian Pumpkin Weigh-off Kasterlee 2022

1046kg: the weight of the Giant Pumpkin of Luc Vanheuckelom. He ended first at the GPC Belgian Pumpkin Weigh-off in Kasterlee, followed by Herman Boonen with 1032,5kg and Jens Segaert: 911,5kg.

Also some squashes attended: Jef Leysen won with a squash of 497,5kg, Johan Aernouts ended 2nd with 371kg and the 3rd place was taken by Luc Vanheuckelom with 339,5kg.

See all results at https://www.pompoenengenootschap.be/gpc-uitslag/

Click “see more” to see more pictures.

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GPC Belgian Pumpkin weigh-off 2021

GPC Belgian Pumpkin weigh-off 2021

On Saturday October 2nd 2021 the GPC Belgian Championship Pumpkin weigh-off 2021 was organized in Kasterlee. Although our biggest pumpkin wasn’t there yet, the weigh-off ended with a great top 3 for both the Giant pumpkins and the Squashes.Top 3 Giant pumpkins

  • Luc Vanheuckelom: 922,5kg
  • Mario Vangeel: 808kg
  • Peter Jolie: 756kg

Top 3 Squashes:

  • Jens Segaert: 781kg
  • Herman Boonen: 531,5kg
  • Luc Vanheuckelom: 355kg

Some pictures of the weigh-off:

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The “Pompioenen”

The “Pompioenen”

The “POMPIOENEN” | Short documentary made by Leen Poppe

In October 2019 a small documentary was made by Leen Poppe.

“The best pumpkin growers in Europe can be found in the Kempen region. I was fascinated by Jan and his pumpkin friends, so I decided to make a short documentary about it.” she said.

Documentary made for LUCA School of Arts Narafi , 2nd year audiovisual techniques, film, tv & video.

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European Pumpkin weigh-off Ludwigsburg

European Pumpkin weigh-off Ludwigsburg

Each year some growers of Pompoenengenootschap Kasterlee go to Ludwigsburg. Over there the European Pumpkin weigh-off is oranized.

Who could ever imagine, that 3 pumpkin growers of Pompoenengenootschap Kasterlee would fill up the stage.

Mario Vangeel became 1st with a Pumpkin of 1013kg, 2nd place was for Luc Vanheuckelom with a pumpkin of 979kg , Jan Biermans took the 3rd place, his pumpkin was 860kg.

Up to the pumpkin regatta now: https://www.pompoenregatta.be

Don’t forget to read the entire article on VRT NWS: https://vrtnws.be/p.OqJ5JYn7e