Exactly 1 week after the official Belgian weigh-off, we went to Ludwigsburg (Germany) for the European weigh-off. Again, Jan Biermans took the first place. However, this time he needed to share his place with Stefano Cutrupi from Italy, as both gentleman grow a pumpkin of exact the same weight: 965,5kg. Well done! Leek here for some winning pictures..

Also on Saturday October 6th, the normal big pumpkins were weighted (next to the squashes). Jan Biermans succeeded to grow the biggest Belgian pumpkin of 2018 with a weight of 970,2kg. Place 3 was also a grower from our club, Marcel Dierckx, with a weight of 851,3kg. Pictures can be found over here..

On Saturday October 6th, the official Belgian big pumpkin weigh-off was organized in Essen. Luc Vanheuckelom was 1st with his squash, followed by Jef Leysen.

After years of growing real big pumpkins, one of our growers finally succeeded to grow a pumpkin heavier than 1000kg. However, sadly enough the pumpkin started to rot. With a lot of pain, Herman needed to stop growing his big proud. It was weighted 1010kg. Hopefully he can grow at least the same weight in 2019 (he knows what to do). Look for some 1010kg pumpkin pictures over here.

At the last Saturday of August, we went to some of the big pumpkin growers to estimate the weight of their pumpkins. The heaviest pumpkin on Saturday August 25th measured, had a weight of 850kg. Let’s go for 1000kg or more! The day ended, like always, with a nice BBQ. Take a look a the pictures.

For the 10th time on a row, the Pumpkinregatta was organized together with "Kastelse Kayak Klub". It was a big succes, as visitors can see more than only the regatta, as it became a family day the last few years (with Pumpkin games for children and their parents, Pumpkin figures, etc...)Some pictures can be found over here.

The official weigh-off for Belgium was organized in Wildert (Essen) this year on Saturday September 30th 2017. Herman Boonen won with a pumpkin of 914,7kg, Marcel Dierckx became 2nd with a pumpkin of 827,5kg, Mario Van Geel ended on the 3rd place with a pumpkin of 774,1kg. Click here to see some pictures

October 16th 2016, the day of the pumpkin weigh-off in Kasterlee. Mathias Willemijns won with a pumpkin of 922,5kg, followed by Luc Berrens with 810,6kg. Click here for more pictures of the weigh-off.

During the European weigh-off in Ludwigsburg, Luc Berrens became 3rd (our colleaugue Mathias Willemijns had a giant of 1190kg, good for a new world record). However, on Saturday 15/10/2016 we loaded all pumpkins from the growers in Kasterlee. On Sunday October 16th during the weigh-off in Kasterlee we'll see which one is the heaviest of Kasterlee.Click here for more pictures of loading our big pumpkins.

The official Belgian weigh-off was on Saturday October 1st in Duisburg. Luc Berrens became second with a pumpkin of 817kg, Jan Biermans was 4th with a pumpkin of 746kg.


On Saturday August 27th we drove around by bike for the 2nd patch tour of 2016. We really have some nice big pumpkins this year, so hopefully heavy enough for the Belgian Championship and maybe even for the European championship. We'll know within 2 months. More pictures of the tour and BBQ over here.

At the end of each year, the next pumpkin year is planned. For 2016 our ambition is to have the biggest pumpkin of Europe. To achieve this goal, we'll bundle all our knowledge. More pictures of the meeting can be found over here.

The last Saturday of August we had our 2nd patch tour. The sun was shining, happy faces and really big pumpkins. One of them had a weight of more than 700kg. Also the new growers (which started in 2015) have really nice pumpkins (more than 300kg). Hopefully we win at least the Belgian championship!Click here to see some pics

The picture below shows the Big Pumpkin Growers for 2015 in Kasterlee. On Saturday January 24th we had a small party to start the new year. Ambition for 2015: growing the heaviest one for Belgium and getting closer to the European record. More pictures can be found over here.

On Sunday October 26th the 7th edition of the Pumpkin Regatta was organized. More than 8000 people visited this event, so again it was a big success. More pictures van be found over here.

The pumpkin market in Kasterlee on Sunday October 19th was a big success. A lot of people came over to Kasterlee to visit the market and to look at the weigh-off. Jonas De Swert from Baal was the one on place 1 and 2 with pumpkins of 800kg and 764,5kg. Luc Vanheuckelom was 3rd with a giant pumpkin of 733kg, followed by Luc Berrens with 732kg. Click here for some pictures. The results of the weigh-off can be found over here.

During the Belgian weigh-off in Duisburg we were not able to beat our 2 biggest competitors Jos Ghaye and Jonas De Swert. They had pumpkins of 829kg and 805,5kg. The 3rd place was for Luc Berrens from Kasterlee, his Pumpkin had a weight of 740kg. Luc Vanheuckelom had a pumpkin of 739,5kg. However, Herman Boonen had a squash of 583kg, which is a new European record. So this needed to be celebrated later on the evening.More pictures can be found over here.

The pumpkin walk had a lot of people who wanted to join, so we made 2 separate groups. All people were very interested and got some information from our senior growers. Also the eye got something: several big pumpkins and even some kiwi fruit in the garden of a grower. More pictures can be found over here.

To have an idea how big all pumpkins currently are, we organized the first patch tour for 2014 on July 15th. If you would like to see how big our pumpkins were in July, click here.

All our pumpkins were planted. To get some additional tips and tricks, we were invited at Luc Berrens house. Who dares to say that Luc doesn't know anything about growing big pumpkins. We ended with a fresh and tastfull beer. More pictures can be found over here.

After some sweeting and hard labour, 2 pumpkins were planted on the "Heemerf". This is also the start of a new growing season for us. Pictures can be found over here.

Jan Biermans became champion of the junior growers (the first 3 years in the club you're a junior grower), club champion and the record holder of the heaviest pumpkin of our club ever. This had to be celebrated! The partypictures of the party in Jan's garden can be found over here.

On October 27th, the pumpkin regatta was organized on a new location: Ark Van Noë (Lichtaart, Belgium). Despite the bad weather, there were still a lot of teams which tried to win our trophee. More pictures can be found over here.

Nobody expected Jan Biermans would have the heaviest pumpkin of 2013. His pumpkin had a weight of 668,8kg during the weigh-off of the pumpkin market in Kasterlee (October 20th 2013)! This means he's now champion of the junior growers, club champion and he also had the heaviest pumpkin of all growers of our club. The second and third place were for Herman Boonen. Click here for more pictures, the results can be downloaded here.

After 1 year it's again time for the weigh-off in Kasterlee. Today (October 19th 2013) all big pumpkins were loaded. About 144 big pumpkins will be transported to the pumpkin market. More pictures can be found over here.

Last year we went to Ludwigsburg with about 50 people. This year only several people went to Ludwigsburg with their big pumpkin. More pictures can be found over here.

The month October just started and the pumpkin club of Kasterlee already won the Belgian weigh-off in Duisburg. Herman Boonen had the heaviest pumpkin of Belgium, 628,5kg. But also a younger grower, Mario Vangeel, had a pumpkin of 623kg which was good for a 3rd place. More pictures of the littly party afterwards can be found over here.

The pumpkin walk 2013 was a success! There were a lot of people which were walking together with us and listening to a lot of tips given. Not only tips about growing big pumpkins were given, also some tips about kiwis were given. At the end of the walk, everyone could drink a tasteful pumpkin beer. For pictures, click here.

Will the biggest pumpkin from Belgium come from Kasterlee (from our club pompoenengenootschap) or not? To be able to guess our chances to have the biggest pumpkin of 2013, we visited on of our biggest competitors Jos Ghaye in Tongeren. It was a visit with some interesting tips from Jos about how to grow big pumpkins.Pictures can be found over here.

It's almost summer, so time to devide our little plants. Using our famous lottery we devided the available little plants. Who will get the place of honor 2013? Or who will win the championship of the young (read new, because the age does not matter) growers? Click here for some pictures.

On October 28th we organized the pumpkin regatta of 2012. A lot of teams participated (83 teams) and there were a lot of spectators. Click here to see the pictures.

Jos Ghaye won the weigh-off in Gent (GPC) and Duisburg. Now he also won the weigh-off in Kasterlee (with 696,6kg). 2nd place was for Herman Boonen with 656,3kg, 3rd place was for Luc Berrens with his pumpkin of 648,5kg. Pictures of the pumpkin market can be found over here

On Saturday October 20th we loaded all our big pumpkins to gow to the pumpkin market. Pictures of us loading the pumpkins can be found over here.

Because our club celebrates it's 10th birthday this year, we decided all to go to the European weigh-off in Ludwigsburg. We left early on Saturday morning for a fantastic weekend, the 2 biggest pumpkins from Kasterlee also traveled with us. unfortunately some other growers had even bigger pumkins than ours. The results: Herman Boonen took the 5th place with 660,5kg, Luc Berrens conquered the 6th place with 650kg. Pictures can be found over here.

On Saturday October 6th the official Belgian weigh-off was organized in Duisburg. The result for Kasterlee: 2nd place for Herman Boonen with 665,5kg, 3rd place for Luc Berrens with 656kg. Jos Ghaye was the one who won this weigh-off. However, Herman Boonen won the first price with his squash. You can find some pictures over here